ECTS - Cash Token

ECTS - Cash

What is ECTS - Cash

The ECTS - Cash Token is the predecessor of the ECTS - Value Coin which will be issued to you for your scientific affords.

In contrast to the ECTS - Value Coin there are no limitations who can aquire the ECTS - Cash Token there will be no airdrops or giveaways but maybe challenges or games to gain ECTS - Cash Tokens.

There is no issuance limit for the ECTS - Cash Token so the amount minted can be raised if there is too little cash flow in the market. If minting is done it will take place once a year in the night from the 31st of December to the 1st of January.

Asset ID: b41675ccf5b32114c5f320942e75ea44d896b225db6f0a194af924386f12c343

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