Plotting Farming Minting

Plottingservice - ECTS is providing services for plotting and farming Chia Proof of Space and Time (PoST) plots. We sell preplotted high capacity HDDs with a 2 year vendor warranty. (Sales are limited to customers in the EU)

Farmingservice - We are running an all inclusive farming service (HDD sourcing, plotting, farming, pooling, internet uplink, power supply, maintenance, insurance) for a fixed monthly fee.

Mintingservice - We consult you on minting Chia Asset Tokens(CATs) and the creation of digital certificates as in form of NFTs and DIDs. (NFTs and DIDs coming soon).

Chia Asset Tokens (CATs)

Caesar Coin

The all famous Caesar Token - GIC.

A golden Caesar

The super rare golden Caesar Coin - AGIC.

Farmer Diamonds

The hardest asset token Farmer Diamonds - DIAS.

ECTC Token

ECTS Cash are cryptotokens for everyone.

ECTS Token

ECTS Valuecoins are tradeable cryptocoins issued by your lecturer for your scientific effort.

ECTJ Token

ECTS Junior are cryptotokens for the jungsters to become familiar with electronic assets.



NFTs and tokens are stored and processed with PoST to keep the used energy as low as possible.


Runs on the most decentralized Blockchain currently available with more than 150.000 nodes worldwide.


Our farming equipment consist mainly out of used energy efficient enterprise hardware.


Want to sell your ECTS Valuecoins? Search for offers or create one by yourself.


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